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Whether you want to admit it or not, for years you’ve been shuffling data around via costly and often fragile ETL streams that had to be rewritten every time there was a change to a source or destination repository.

At Gluent, we believe there is a better way.

With Gluent Data Platform, you can liberate your data from the confines of proprietary data silos into new distributed computing platforms without the need for any ETL. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Gluent manages data movement from multiple traditional data sources to multiple target systems.

What’s more, you can transparently present data from the distributed systems data back to supported relational database platforms without the need for yet another ETL stream. We keep your company’s relational platforms and skills relevant while more easily leveraging new-world analytic platforms and tools.

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Cloud Migrations Made Easy

The “Easy Button” for Cloud Migrations!


Data Enrichment with IoT

Enrich your existing relational database with IoT data from Hadoop

No ETL Necessary!


Offload / Archive

Filling your data lake has never been easier.

With Gluent, you can synchronize data to your data lake and keep it in synch
All with no ETL!


Many Sources, Many Targets

No company we’ve ever encountered used only one vendor’s RDBMS software. But getting data from those systems to an on-premise or cloud based distributed analytics systems usually means multiple ETL streams, if not multiple ETL tools.  Not Anymore! 

Multiple RDBMS’s supported  •  No ETL required  •  Sync on-premise or to the Cloud  •  All major Cloud platforms supported

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

You don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve been recognized by some of the industry’s leading experts in data technology.
We’re very proud of the accolades we’ve earned!