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Enterprise workload migration to the cloud is hard, let Gluent show you the way

Enterprise Workloads are Hard to Migrate to Cloud

Between a Rock & Hard Place

90% of CIO’s have had failed or disrupted data migration projects

72% of CIO’s have had to repatriate a workload from cloud to on-prem

Refactoring applications means 18-24 months before any value is realized

Option #1

Lift and Shift

  • Performance is poor
  • Cost is high
  • Unable to leverage dynamic scalability
  • License compliance issues

Option #2

Refactor to Cloud Native Platform

  • Timeline is long, years to fully convert
  • Costs are doubled due to maintaining two environments
  • Legacy codebase is extremely difficult to analyze and convert

What We Do

Gluent Accelerates and De-Risks Cloud Migration

Gluent moves your data and processing from on-prem to Cloud Native Data Platforms – without changing any code!


Data & Processing is moved in days/weeks not months/years


No code conversion required; No new skillsets needed


Take advantage of cloud native performance and scalability


Shrink compute and storage resources needed by legacy RDBMS engine

Hybrid-cloud and Multi-cloud fully supported

What We Offer

Gluent Data Virtualization Tools & Software

Gluent combines Data Integration and Virtualization technologies to unlock a number of capabilities for the largest workloads on-prem today:

Data Transparency

Simplify enterprise data sharing with transparent data virtualization.

Intelligent Data Integration

Integrating your on-prem data to cloud native platforms has never been easier. Ongoing synchronization with no ETL.

Cloud Migration

Migrate large enterprise workloads to the cloud with reduced risk and costs.

Gluent Vision Transparent Data Virtualization Process
A Better Way

Enterprise Cloud Migration

We believe that enterprise workload cloud migrations should be faster, more cost effective, and risk-free of failure or repatriation. Companies should not spend millions of dollars and hundreds of hours rewriting applications so they can take advantage of core public cloud features. It should be simple, economical, and transparent.

Liberate your enterprise workloads from the confines of on-prem data centers! Gluent Data Platform simultaneously allows you to leverage distributed cloud native data platforms, without throwing away the value you have accrued in your existing systems.

Contact our team to learn more about how Gluent Data Platform can help your company migrate your enterprise data and systems today!

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