2020 Year in Review ― Gluent

First and foremost: thank you to everyone who made 2020 a successful year for Gluent. It goes without saying that 2020 was filled with unexpected events and situations, and we are so happy to enter 2021 with all of its new opportunities. A lot happened at Gluent in this crazy year, so we want to take this time to let you in on an overview of our 2020 happenings.

Software Updates and New Features

Gluent Data Platform underwent a few changes this past year, including an update to its UI as well as major architectural improvements. Did we mention that we also become formal partners with Google? More on that later! 

Introducing Conductor for Gluent

Toward the beginning of the year, we released Conductor for Gluent — a user interface which makes managing offloads with Gluent Data Platform much easier. The orchestration of tasks including offload execution, monitoring, and partition dropping can all be performed via a single UI, which makes everything simpler for you.

Gluent Data Platform 3.4 ― Cloudera Data Platform

Release 3.4 of Gluent Data Platform brought with it new offload capabilities, support for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), and general product improvements.

  • Enabled incremental offload capabilities for non-partitioned Oracle tables
  • Certified support for the most recent release of CDP
  • Improved Gluent Query Engine’s predicate pushdown to handle extra-large predicate sets
  • Users of Gluent Offload Engine’s tools like Offload and Present can separate staging data from base table data while loading
  • Enhanced Diagnose support utility for diagnostic data collection in environments secured with TLS, SSL and HTTPS security protocols

You can find more details in our 3.4 release. Also, we have our own Cloudera + Gluent Microsite, so be sure to take a look!

Gluent Data Platform 4.0 Release ― Google BigQuery

This was a big one! The 4.0 release included an exciting announcement: Gluent now supports BigQuery. This means that with Gluent Data Platform, you can now offload your data to Google BigQuery! We introduced this major feature alongside some general product enhancements:

  • Released the fastest and least risky cloud migration tool for Oracle
  • Automated data mapping between an Oracle Database instance and BigQuery
  • Automated table and object creation in BigQuery
  • Automated data movement between an Oracle Database instance and BigQuery
  • Added multiple configuration templates to best match offload environment
  • Included reclaimable space for all partition-offload schemes in Offload Status Report
  • Enhanced reporting of Join Filter Pulldown (JFPD) in Gluent Augmented SQL Monitoring Report
  • Included additional datatype validation

For more information on support for BigQuery, check out our 4.0 release. We also have a Gluent BigQuery Overview video that you can watch.

Mini Projects

Outside of creating and improving an amazing product, we have a number of mini projects from 2020 that we would love to shed some light on. Our side projects for this past year focus on improving our digital presence and engagement, including producing more videos, revamping our website, and creating a technical blog page! Also new is the Gluent newsletter, which we send out every other month or so. It includes some of our most popular videos, blog posts, and product updates from the previous couple months so that you are always up to speed with Gluent happenings. (So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!)

New Videos

One of our mini projects is creating more videos that make a difficult product easy to understand. Below are a few of the technical videos that we produced in 2020, covering topics like our UI Conductor for Gluent, breaking down the process and benefits of migrating to the cloud, and a general overview of migrating to Google BigQuery with Gluent Data Platform. Equally exciting, you can find all of these videos with more to come on our new YouTube channel, so consider subscribing for more great content!

New Website

If you are new here, welcome! If you are a returning visitor, welcome back! You may have noticed that the Gluent website has been completely redone — one of our super fun mini projects of 2020. With an emphasized focus on the virtual aspects of business this year, we made a big effort to improve the user experience. Our website underwent a full rebranding sweep and content update. We are still rolling out new material, blogs, news posts, videos, and more that will be made available on the website, so be sure to check back in with us every so often to see what’s new! In the meantime, you are welcome to explore.

Gluent Blog

Related to our website update is our new technical blog which we rolled out in 2020. These posts focus on new technologies and strategies in the industry, the role that transparent transparent data virtualization plays in enterprise cloud migration projects, and expert advice and analyses that will help take your business to the next level. You can view some of our recent and most popular blog posts from the past year below!

On the Social Side

Okay, now for the fun stuff! 2020 brought about the virtual “everything.” And since we can’t connect with you in person, the Gluent crew went digital in making connections both with all of you as well as inside our own company. 

Social Media

Cue shameless plug — go follow us on social media! For the more business side of Gluent, follow us on LinkedIn. We post similar content on Twitter with a greater focus on news regarding Gluent and the data virtualization industry. Also, the Gluent crew now have their own Instagram page in case you want to see the more casual side of Gluent. As announced earlier, we created a YouTube channel for videos explaining the features and benefits of Gluent Data Platform, and we are planning on expanding our topics so be sure to subscribe! You can follow us on all of these platforms below.

Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual happy hours are a trend introduced to Gluent thanks to COVID-19, but since our team is global,  it will definitely stick around with us post-pandemic. These virtual get togethers provided a great way to connect with our team members located around the world. Cheers from the Gluent crew!

What's in Store for 2021...

Expect plenty of news articles, case studies, videos, blog posts, and software updates. The release of Gluent Data Platform 4.1 is just around the corner, and we also have exciting partner-related news that we cannot wait to share with everyone. To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, follow us on social media or join our newsletter. Thank you again to everyone who made 2020 a successful year, and we are excited to experience 2021 with you!

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