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Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud Migration Challenges. At its most basic level, cloud migration is what the name suggests. It is migrating digital operations to the cloud. While this definition sounds simplistic, its implementation is anything but. The challenges of cloud migration can overwhelm

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Benefits of Cloud Migration

Benefits of Cloud Migration. Every business owner wants to save costs. They often jump on the opportunity when they learn that migrating to the cloud can help them achieve these cost savings. But the cost is just one of the

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Types of Cloud Migrations

Types of Cloud Migrations. Cloud technologies hold the promise of saving costs and offer virtually unlimited scaling. However, it is not a given that business owners will recognize the benefits, which often boils down to not understanding the different types

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What is Cloud Migration?

What is Cloud Migration? Cloud migration seems like a simple enough concept to define and understand. It is the moving of digital operations from one location to another. The migration could be from cloud-to-cloud, or it could be from an

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2021 Year in Review ― Gluent

Before leaping into 2022, we’d like to briefly look back at the past year. Read on for a snapshot of Gluent’s 2021 year and a glimpse into what 2022 holds in store for us.

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Path to Synapse

Quickly Adopt Azure Synapse Analytics Without Rewriting Your Applications Let’s Talk Let’s Talk Oracle + Azure Synapse Analytics Rapidly Shift Data & CPU to the Cloud Get There Faster Integrating your data between Oracle and Azure Synapse Analytics is seamless

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Migrate to BigQuery without Rewriting Any Code

Integrate your data between Oracle and BigQuery without rewriting any code Let’s Talk Let’s Talk Your Roadmap to Oracle + BigQuery Integrate in weeks instead of years Strategy Call Run Advisor Advisor Analysis Production Deployment Pilot Results Review Pilot Advisor

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Oracle to BigQuery Migrations without Writing Any Code

Oracle to BigQuery Integration without Rewriting Any Code Let’s Talk Let’s Talk Let’s Talk ROI Cost SavingsIn millions ($) CHEAPER Reduce expensive on premise storage Move processing to cloud to take advantage of variable pricing Avoid costly ETL creation and

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