Accelerate your Cloud Implementation with Gluent Data Platform 2.5.0!

DALLAS, TEXAS – The latest release of Gluent Data Platform (version 2.5.0) provides enhanced capabilities to sync your data to modern data storage systems in the cloud or on-premises. The performance improvements and synchronization flexibility in this release make Gluent perfect for accelerating your cloud implementation!

Offload and sync

With various offload methods at your disposal, Gluent Data Platform 2.5.0 allows you to take control of your data. Fill your data lake, migrate to the cloud, or create a hybrid database environment with Gluent Offload Engine. Choose where the data is stored and how much to keep in each database. Sync data to Hadoop and keep it up to date with the improved incremental update capability. Time to migrate to the cloud? Perform a full offload and then schedule an incremental update to keep the data in sync while transitioning your application to the cloud. Along with the increased flexibility, Gluent Data Platform 2.5.0 has improved offload data validation and a new Offload Status Report in SQL*Plus, ensuring your data remains in sync and easily accessible.

Cloud migration

Offload and data synchronization improvements in the latest release make Gluent Data Platform the fastest way to migrate to the cloud. No longer do you need to build complex ETL pipelines or ship hard drives off to the cloud vendor. With Gluent Data Platform 2.5.0, it’s a simple command to kick-off your data migration to the cloud, and it’s just as easy to keep your data in-sync!

Enhanced monitoring

Gluent’s Augmented SQL Monitoring Report utility (“SQLMon”) has been extended to improve usability. Now integrated into SQL Developer, it’s extremely easy for developers and DBAs to view all monitored hybrid SQL statements and to generate a Gluent Augmented SQL Monitoring Report with a simple point-and-click.

Performance improvements

Hybrid query performance will benefit from several significant improvements in the Gluent Data Platform 2.5.0 release. The Gluent User Defined Functions (UDFs) for hybrid queries were updated to further optimize the datatype translation between systems, with up to 60% reduction in CPU consumption on Hadoop. Additionally, the Gluent Result Cache was redesigned to use HDFS, enabling improved performance in cache population and, ultimately, Hybrid Query response times. Along with the ability to copy source database statistics to Hadoop tables during offload, the 2.5.0 release has greatly improved the Hybrid Query performance!

Additional features

  • Aggregation Advisor – Gluent Advisor can perform database workload analysis by looking into databases’ SQL activity to discover opportunities for aggregation optimizations (discovering hybrid SQL statements that can benefit from Gluent’s Advanced Aggregation Pushdown features).
  • Password encryption is now enabled throughout the Gluent Data Platform software components and logs.
  • Support for bind variables in predicates, providing greater opportunity for Hybrid Queries to benefit from Gluent’s workload optimization features (such as predicate pushdown, Join Filter Pulldown, etc).

Gluent Data Platform 2.5.0 is more flexible than ever, allowing full update capability from the relational database to offloaded data in Hadoop, leaving you in control of your own data. Performance enhancements continue to reduce CPU consumption in Hybrid Queries, increasing your query response time dramatically. Want to learn more about the latest Gluent Data Platform release? Contact us at!

About Gluent

Gluent Data Platform enables all applications to access all enterprise data, at any time, on demand, and without any code migration or rewrites.