>>Announcing Data Offload Support for MS-SQL Server and Teradata

Announcing Data Offload Support for MS-SQL Server and Teradata

As companies begin to embrace hybrid data ecosystems as a cohesive platform that integrates both traditional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and modern data management platforms such as Apache Hadoop, customer demand is driving technology integration that supports the entire range of proprietary and open source RDBMS’ typically found in the enterprise. Gluent has made a commitment to support our customers in their journey of data modernization by connecting all major enterprise database engines to data platforms of the new world, and we’re pleased to announce additional availability of data offload support for both Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata.

Gluent’s Data Platform keeps enterprise RDBMS relevant in the new hybrid world. For example, now applications can query data that was originated in Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata straight in an Oracle Database. Gluent provides a data virtualization layer between traditional databases, cloud storage and Hadoop that accelerates time to insight and eliminates data duplication and sprawl, and allows customers to preserve their investments in their RDBMS platforms while leveraging the power, scalability, and elasticity of private and public based clouds. In addition to Oracle’s relational database system, enterprise customers with Microsoft and Teradata RDBMS’ can now immediately use the full power of Hadoop platforms either in their own local data center or in the cloud for linear scalability of their hybrid data platform.

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