About Gluent

Gluent was founded on the principle that your data is just that – your data. It should not be locked into enterprise silos and you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be able to use it wherever and whenever you like.

Historically, however, data born in one database has been difficult to share across the enterprise. Time-consuming and expensive ETL processes, large data migration projects, the creation of Enterprise Data Warehouses and specialty Data Marts have monopolized the attention of IT departments. All the while distracting them from what you really want to do – understand and use your data.

At Gluent we’ve solved the data liberation problem. With our technology you can transparently offload data from enterprise RDBMS silos into modern data platforms such as Hadoop, while keeping all your existing application code unchanged. The data will not be locked in to a single silo anymore, but will live on a scalable, open data platform. All your other applications and databases with appropriate permissions can now also consume this data on-demand via Gluent Data Platform, without affecting the original application’s performance.

We not only move the data, but also push processing heavy-lifting down to Hadoop or cloud computing platforms, so that your traditional data infrastructure will not crumble under the ever-increasing workloads and data volumes. All this is transparent to your existing applications and SQL – we will route the heavy-lifting to the suitable backend under the hood. So, we bring the full power of the cloud and Hadoop right to the doorstep of your traditional IT.

Our technology is already in use in different industries around the world – in telcos, banks, utilities and healthcare – from mid-size enterprises all the way to the giants of Fortune 50 and Fortune 10 companies. We have handled petabyte scale databases and tables with trillions of rows – and once Gluent connects them to powerful computing back-ends, users have seen orders of magnitude performance improvements for their heaviest workloads. All this with radically reducing cost at the same time. This is the power of modern platforms in the New World.

– Tanel Poder

Kerry and Tanel Photo

Tanel Poder (left) and Kerry Osborne (right) at an Expert Oracle Exadata book signing event.

With headquarters in Dallas, TX, we work in distributed teams, with team members in multiple cities of the US and UK. We need even more great people, so we are hiring.