Partner Program

At Gluent we pride ourselves on working and playing well with others. We respect and value our partnerships and strive to work to provide the best service to our clients. If you’re interested in becoming a Gluent Partner, contact us.

Become A Partner
Cloudera Logo

Cloudera is Gluent’s original Big Data platform to support, dating back to 2015. Gluent incorporated support for Hortonworks in 2017 and the support for Cloudera Data Platform will be available 2020.

Early in 2020, Google partnered with Gluent to extend our capabilities to BigQuery. The same features long available for Cloudera will now be available with Google BigQuery mid-2020. Google and Gluent have a collaborative and rapidly growing partnership.

Microsoft Azure

In 2020, Gluent became a Snowflake Technology Solutions partner. Support of Snowflake’s data warehouse platform is on Gluent’s 2020 roadmap.

Since 2018, Gluent has supported Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) and Azure Blob Storage with Azure HDInsight on Gluent’s roadmap.

Since 2016, Gluent Data Platform has supported AWS EMR data lake and S3 storage. AWS was Gluent’s first cloud-supported platform.

Since 2015, Gluent has been an official partner within Accenture’s Alliance Program. Accenture also is an official reseller of Gluent software.

Since 2015, Gluent has supported Oracle databases, ranging from 11g to 19c. Gluent Data Platform transparently virtualizes data from on-premise and cloud-based big data platforms back to Oracle’s database, making it easy for companies to integrate with modern data platforms.