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Gluent Transparent Data Virtualization

Watch this video to see how Gluent’s Transparent Data Virtualization enables your organization to take advantage of modern data processing platforms for cost savings, increased performance, and advanced analytics – all without the risk and effort of application rewrites and re-platforming.

Key Takeaways
  • Data virtualization is not the same as storage virtualization or data federation
  • Transparent data virtualization will not require you to migrate & rewrite your applications to a new platform (Imagine if VMware required rebuilding & compiling all applications specifically for their platform)
  • No major upfront cost is needed to try out the Gluent Data Platform, no code rewrites, data migration, or conversions
Thanks to true data virtualization technology, Gluent is very easy to try out. Gluent is designed to be transparent and non-intrusive. It does not break the existing enterprise architecture nor require application code rewrites. Gluent can be installed and tried out in just days!

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