In large enterprises, access to the original source data may not be simple to implement and often leads to enterprise data sprawl, with copies of the data being duplicated in multiple databases throughout the organization. A global telecommunications company happened to be deep into the data sprawl dilemma – a less than ideal situation. Read how this large telco eliminated enterprise data sprawl by taking advantage of the Gluent Data Platform data sharing and data virtualization capabilities in our latest case study.

Rather than copy their dataset across 20+ databases, this telco implemented Gluent Data Platform to centralize their shared data on a Hadoop cluster. Offloaded data, kept in-sync using the change data capture and incremental update capabilities of Gluent Offload, was then shared to any relational database within the organization using Gluent Present.

Data sharing, plus true data virtualization, provides Gluent customers with a simple solution to eliminate data sprawl throughout their enterprise. For our large telecommunications customer, the ease with which they could “distribute” the centralized dataset was key in reducing costs across the enterprise. If you’d like to hear more about this and other Gluent Data Platform use cases, please reach out to us at and we’d love to share with you.