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Speaker: Tanel Poder, Gluent Inc.

Hive was the first popular SQL layer built on Hadoop and has long been known as a heavyweight SQL engine suitable mainly for long-running batch jobs. This has greatly changed since Hive was announced to the world over 8 years ago. Hortonworks and the open source community have evolved Apache Hive into a fast, dynamic SQL on Hadoop engine capable of running highly concurrent query workloads over large datasets with sub-second response time.

The latest Hortonworks and Azure HDInsight platform versions fully support Hive with LLAP execution engine for production use. In this webinar, we will go through the architecture of Hive + LLAP engine and explain how it differs from previous Hive versions. We will then dive deeper and show how features like query vectorization and LLAP columnar caching bring further automatic performance improvements.

In the end, we will show how Gluent brings these new performance benefits to traditional enterprise database platforms via transparent data virtualization, allowing even your largest databases to benefit from all this without changing any application code. Join this webinar to learn about significant improvements in modern Hive architecture and how Gluent and Hive LLAP on Hortonworks or Azure HDInsight platforms can accelerate cloud migrations and greatly improve hybrid query performance!

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