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In this webinar, Tanel Poder will explain how Gluent “turbocharges” your databases and extends them with the full power of Hadoop. You can use Hadoop as a cheap storage platform for database archiving and as a super-scalable platform for workload offloading. Thanks to Gluent’s transparent data virtualization technology you can get all this without having to rewrite your existing applications or change your application architecture. In addition to archiving and offloading, you can use Gluent for presenting any new Big Data sources to your applications, without having to load all this data into your traditional RDBMS/SAN storage platforms. This is a technical session where Tanel will give you an overview of how does Gluent’s technology work and how does it bring the full power of Hadoop into the doorstep of all your applications.

Target Audience: This is a technical session for DBAs, developers, IT-managers and IT-infrastructure & application architects

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