Gluent Data Platform

Data Virtualization Made Easy

Move Your Data from Oracle to the Cloud with No Code Rewrites

We conceived the idea of transparent data virtualization and founded Gluent way back in 2015. At that time, Hadoop was already widely used in startups and large Internet companies, but enterprise IT shops were still struggling to understand how to make use of this new and promising technology.

Fast forward and cloud native platforms have become more mature, adding features such as security, encryption and SQL engines suitable for interactive use. As companies seek these platforms for their scalability and cost efficiency, Gluent Data Platform has now been implemented at some of the largest finance, telecom, retail and healthcare customers around the world!

Offloading Data to Cloud-Native Systems: Benefits


  • For every query, billions of rows can be easily scanned with high parallelism using cluster hardware and software
  • Only relevant columns and rows will be returned to the database for further processing
  • These efficiencies improve your query performance and free-up your expensive enterprise database and SAN storage resources

Future-Proofing with No Lock-In

  • Gluent offloads data to cloud native platforms using open data formats, meaning that you will not be locked in
  • Choose from and use multiple data engines to process your data
  • Gluent gives you the freedom to use any application for processing: one data, many engines
  • No data conversion or export/import is needed when using new engines
  • You finally own your data and are in control of its future


  • Gluent Smart Connector does not require any changes to your existing application code
  • No need to port your applications or edit those 20,000 reports accumulated by your business over the years
  • As no application redesign is needed, Gluent is the fastest and safest option for moving your data and workloads to the cloud

Ready to see if migrating to the cloud is right for your databases?​

The Terms

Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Advisor informs you which data can be safely offloaded and dropped from your databases.

Visit the Gluent Advisor page for more information.

Encrypted data at rest, data in motion and role based access control are fully supported.



Gluent Offload Engine automates offloading data from enterprise databases to cloud native platforms. You can have an up-to-date copy of your data, in a familiar data model, ready for analytics in a cloud native platform.

Use Gluent Offload Engine to:

  • Copy database tables to cloud native platforms and keep them synchronized
  • Automatically offload colder data while caching extremely active data on your relational database
  • Convert data to cloud-based column-oriented storage for space savings and partitioned for optimal query performance
  • Access offloaded data without any application changes

Have a look at the Gluent Offload video demonstrations to learn more.

Gluent Smart Connector is the core building block of our product offering. It is the underlying engine that allows access to both the database and offloaded data in a single query. SQL queries are still executed by the original applications in their usual databases with no modifications. Under the hood most of the processing is pushed to cloud native platforms.

A better name for our Smart Connector would be a Really Smart Connector. Because we want to offload a significant amount of your databases’ reporting, batch, and analytic heavy-duty processing to cloud native platforms, we need to understand the running SQL statements and their execution plans intimately.

We have gone to great lengths to develop a product that extracts detailed information about your SQL statements in real time, direct from database engine memory. For the database geeks, we are talking about column projection, filter predicates, bind variables and even table join conditions and aggregations.

Gluent’s Present command, allows your relational databases to query tables and views of any cloud-native data, including tables offloaded from other databases.


Use Gluent’s Present function to:

  • Present any data source to your relational databases
  • Access the presented data (hybrid tables) using native SQL
  • Utilize cloud-native platform resources for filtering, aggregations and joins of presented data
  • Have on-demand access to data and avoid traditional data movement (ETL)

Have a look at the Gluent Present demo video to learn more.

Single command database offloading. No need to hire ETL developers.



Data is no longer stored in proprietary format. You finally own your own data!