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Move Your Data from Oracle Database to the Cloud with No Code Rewrites

What is a Data Platform?

Data is growing exponentially and if your data platform has been around for a while, chances are your data is growing on-prem in a traditional data platform such as Oracle or SQL Server. While these legacy data platforms handle ingestion, data storage, data processing and analytics much like newer Cloud Native Data Platforms such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Azure Synapse, they are underpinned by monolithic, expensive infrastructure that is not easily scalable or performant. Older RDBMS such as Oracle and SQL Server also often lack the newest advances in Analytics, such as embedded AI/ML or benefit from PaaS functionality that the cloud provides such as automatic updates/patching, cloud security, and DevOps automation.

Although it is relatively easy to migrate data from one data platform to another, the components that leverage code, such as data processing and reporting/analytics, require a significant manual effort to convert the business logic that makes the data so valuable to your enterprise.

Gluent conceived the idea of transparent data virtualization to help customers connect their legacy data platforms like Oracle with their Cloud Native Data Platforms of the future. Now, within days, companies can reduce their dependence on expensive, on-prem data platforms, while benefiting from modern cloud native platforms for their scalability and cost efficiency. No expensive code conversion has to take place, and data model creation and data movement are all handled for you automatically. Gluent Data Platform has now been implemented at some of the largest finance, telecom, retail, and healthcare customers around the world!

Benefits of Offloading Data to Cloud-Native Big Data Platforms:

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What are the Different Data Platforms?

Answering this question is key to choosing the right solution. It requires evaluating your data management lifecycle and matching solutions to that evaluation. Although the number of solutions is too numerous to list here, the services provided by the largest vendors can help determine the landscape.

Oracle, Microsoft, Teradata, Google, and Amazon all have data platform solutions to review. Oracle Cloud’s big data platform is a viable solution, but not the only one. Microsoft offers its Azure platform, and both Teradata and Google provide cloud-based services to fit the bill. Amazon is probably one of the most popular via its AWS platform.

Choosing the right solution is challenging. That’s why it often pays to rely on data experts that can help guide your decision and help you migrate to the right solution. At Gluent, we have that expertise and are ready to help you implement your optimal data platform. Contact us today to get started.

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