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Gluent Demo Series: Offload

Gluent Data Platform will synchronize your relational database data to modern data platforms, enabling organizations to take advantage of transparent data virtualization. The hybrid tables in the RDBMS require zero application or query modifications and will continue to run as if the data still resided in the original database schema. The first step to implementing the hybrid data platform is to move the data with Gluent Offload Engine’s Offload component. Offload can even keep the data synchronized, with incremental update and change data capture functionality. Watch the videos below to learn more about our data warehouse offload solutions!

Gluent Offload Engine and Incremental Update

Offloading data from the RDBMS to modern data storage processing platforms is a well-known function of Gluent Data Platform. But did you know that Gluent Offload Engine can also incrementally update the data in the distributed backend?

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Offload 90/10 and Partition-Based Offload

Gluent Data Platform can be used to implement a hybrid table, with a majority of the data stored and processed in cloud-based SQL engines and the remaining data still in the relational database. We call this a 90/10 approach to offloading, but any percentage of data can be moved to modern storage and data processing platforms to meet your enterprise data needs. Use Gluent Offload Engine’s Partition-Based Offload to ensure the “cold,” least active data is synced to the distributed backend.

Offload, Drop, and Incremental Update

Gluent Offload Engine’s Incremental Update functionality doesn’t require the insert, update, and delete transactions to occur against data that lives in the relational database. As you’ll see in this demo video, the data can be completely offloaded to the modern data platform of your choice, dropped from the relational database and Gluent Offload Engine will still perform the incremental update!
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