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Given that our value proposition is that we accelerate our customers Journey to Cloud, making it less risky and more cost-effective than traditional cloud migration service providers, it is understandable that our customers would like to start exploring their new capabilities in earnest and have Gluent Data Platform managed by us! Luckily, we love to feel needed and have created Gluent as a Service (GLaaS) to provide managed data virtualization services. With GLaaS, you never have to worry about your Gluent Data Platform’s care and feeding. Patching, monitoring, HA/DR adherence, we ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Description of Project, Scope, and Responsibilities

Description and Scope of Gluent’s Services

Gluent will provide support for the Gluent Data Platform environment for Client as described below. As all Services will be provided remotely, Client will provide Gluent VPN access to Client’s servers. The following activities are in scope of the GLaaS Services provided under this SOW (as described below in more detail):

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Gluent Data Platform Monitoring
  • Gluent Data Platform Health Checks
  • OS and VM sizing support of Gluent Nodes
  • Gluent Data Platform Patching (Up to 2 per year)
  • General Gluent Data Platform Cluster administration tasks
  • Troubleshooting / Problem Resolution

The following table lists the typical tasks that may be performed by Gluent on a regular basis.

Typical Frequency
Gluent Data Platform administration and problem troubleshooting
As needed
Manage Gluent Data Platform modifications and growth
As needed
Grant access to Gluent Data Platform / BDA environment
As needed
Review system resources
Create service requests for Oracle, Cloudera, Google, Azure, AWS in context to Gluent Data Platform support
As needed
Gluent Data Platform monitoring
Apply one-off Oracle and/or Cloudera bug fix and security patches
As needed


Gluent will send any agreed reports weekly. The reports will identify the tasks completed, future recommendations, and enhancements completed or recommended.

GLaaS Contact Procedures

During Normal Business Hours

Gluent will assign primary and secondary contacts for Client to contact in the event that there is an issue during normal business hours. Client will reach the GLaaS Consultant either via phone or email, depending on the criticality of the issue. Client can also utilize Gluent’s ticketing system via email.

For severity 1 issues, Gluent recommends Client to reach their primary contact by phone as follows.

Severity 1

The problem or product defect causes the complete loss of service, regardless of the customer environment, and work cannot reasonably continue.

Severity 2

Minor loss of service. Impact is an inconvenience but there is a workaround available.

Severity 3

No loss of service. A minor error that does not impede operation of the system.

Emergency Contact for Gluent On-Call Resources:

Project Fees and Expenses

GLaaS Monthly Services

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