Gluent Offload Engine

Rapidly Migrate Your Data to the Cloud with Data Synchronization

What is Cloud Data Migration?

Cloud data migration is the process of offloading a company’s data center to the cloud. Data centers are a large expense for companies, between the hardware, the software, and the personnel. Companies that choose this option would point their applications to the cloud instead of their local resources, which would allow them to save money as well as enable scale and agility.

When preparing to migrate enterprise workloads to the cloud, companies spend a period of time evaluating their data and data models to determine the optimum methodology for data movement. Whilst it may seem easy in concept, there are a number of complex questions to answer, including:

“Is my current schema/table nomenclature supported on the cloud?”

“Are all the data types I have on premise supported on the cloud?”

“Is my on-prem partitioning scheme going to be less performant if I move it as is to the cloud?”

“What ELT tool will I use to map my schema and tables to the new Cloud Native Data Platform?”

“Do I have the skills in house to properly map and move my enterprise data without causing data integrity or performance issues”?

These questions and more are all imperative to answer prior to migrating your data to the cloud. Once you answer these questions, the often laborious process of manual data pipeline creation begins. Each table, even if no transformation is to occur during the cloud migration, takes hours or days to establish all of the logistics of initial and incremental data movement. Once created, those data pipelines have to be scheduled, monitored, tested and maintained.

With Gluent Data Platform, we have embedded the best practices of cloud migration of your data into Gluent Offload Engine.

Meet Gluent Offload Engine

Gluent Offload Engine is the data orchestration component of Gluent Data Platform. From automatic creation of your Cloud Data Model, dynamic data type mapping, initial data migration, and incremental data movement, Gluent Offload Engine can be used for all of your data synchronization needs. No longer do you need to spend additional time and effort developing ETL pipelines. With Gluent Offload Engine, you can rapidly fill your data lake or load your archive with a simple command. Watch the video below to learn more about cloud data migration tools from Gluent!

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Wrap it up

Key Takeaways

Thanks to the Gluent Offload Engine, it’s a simple matter to migrate relational databases to the cloud and to keep it synchronized with incremental RDBMS changes. Gluent Data Platform truly is the fastest way to handle cloud data migration.

Ready to see how much data you can migrate to the cloud?