Gluent Offload Engine

Rapidly Migrate Your Data to the Cloud with Data Synchronization

Meet Gluent Offload Engine

Gluent Offload Engine is the data orchestration component of Gluent Data Platform. Whether migrating to the cloud, filling your data lake, or loading data into an archive store, Gluent Offload Engine can be used for all of your data synchronization needs. No longer do you need to spend additional time and effort developing ETL pipelines. With Gluent Offload Engine, you can rapidly fill your data lake or load your archive with a simple command. You can even keep the destination data in-sync with Gluent Offload Engine’s incremental update functionality. Watch the video below to learn more about cloud data migration tools from Gluent!

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Wrap it up

Key Takeaways

Thanks to the Gluent Offload Engine, it’s a simple matter to migrate relational databases to the cloud and to keep it synchronized with incremental RDBMS changes. Gluent Data Platform truly is the fastest way to handle cloud data migration.

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