Gluent Query Engine

Data Access without the Code Rewrite

Have You Met Gluent Query Engine?

Gluent Query Engine is a core building block of Gluent Data Platform. It is the underlying technology that enables access to data local to the database and to data offloaded to another modern data platform within a single query. The application’s database access remains the same. The SQL queries remain the same.

Gluent Query Engine bridges the query requests so that whether data is local or offloaded, the information is seamlessly combined. It also intelligently pushes processing to the preferred storage platform and filters results to minimize data transfer.

Whether a reporting tool, direct access user or some other application, Gluent Query Engine allows connectivity from the existing database to data located on your preferred data platform, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

More Information About SQL Query Engine

A SQL query engine accepts SQL language commands, parses them, and optimizes the query to return the requested information quickly. The SQL query engine is a layer that allows portability from one database solution to the next. It is an interface that enables a SQL analyst to obtain information from a database without knowing the engine’s internal workings. Each vendor implements its database software differently and without a SQL query engine, analysts would need to learn each vendor’s database architecture.

SQL Query Engine’s Architecture

A SQL query engine’s architecture consists of a parser, an optimizer, and an execution module. The parser ensures that the SQL commands issued have the correct syntax. It also ensures that the tables exist and whether the commands are in the right order for execution.

The optimizer will search its cache for an existing execution plan. If it exists, it will use that plan to execute the query. If an execution plan is not available in the cache, the optimizer will determine a new plan based on the SQL query’s information. When a plan is found or created, it will send it to the execution process to retrieve the data and return the results.

Gluent's SQL Query Engine

As many organizations’ data requirements continue to grow, SQL query engines will continue to play an essential role in managing this data growth. For instance, distributed systems, big data platforms, and cloud architectures contain diverse data entities. SQL query engines can effectively handle processing these entities, in many cases with SQL queries that currently exist within organizations.

However, the growth of data increases the potential for it to be locked into silos. At Gluent, we can unlock those silos by offloading your databases via our data virtualization software and your company can access this data using the same SQL commands you currently use.

Access your data without rewriting any SQL. Let’s see if Gluent Data Platform is a good fit for you.