No Rewriting Any Code

Gluent Smart Connector

Have You Met Gluent Smart Connector?

Gluent Smart Connector is a core building block of the Gluent Data Platform. It is the underlying technology that enables access to data local to the database and to data offloaded to another preferred storage method – in a single query. The application’s database access remains the same. The SQL queries remain the same.

Gluent Smart Connector bridges the query requests so that whether data is local or offloaded, the information is seamlessly combined. Gluent Smart Connector also intelligently pushes processing to the preferred storage platform and filters results to minimize data transient volumes.

Whether a reporting tool, direct access user or some other application, Gluent Smart Connector allows connectivity from the existing database to data located on your preferred storage method, on-premise or in the cloud.

  • No hanging database connections
  • No rewriting SQL
  • No duplicating data
  • No requiring end users to learn another technology

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