Gluent Starter Pack

Use Our Database Virtualization Tools and Reap The Benefits as Soon as Possible

Gluent Starter Pack

To maximize success of big data virtualization, Gluent has created a starter pack, comprising planning and architecture services designed to facilitate the successful installation and configuration of Gluent Data Platform.

What's Included in Gluent Starter Pack?

This starter pack includes everything needed to implement Gluent Data Platform so that you can begin seeing value from our database virtualization tools as quickly as possible.

Installation and configuration of Gluent Data Platform

Planning session and training for application owners and users

Hands-on knowledge transfer

Dedicated resources for up to 200 people hours over a 10-week project

Project management including detailed plan and deliverables

Creation of phased production roll out plan

What to Expect with Gluent Starter Pack?

With Gluent’s Starter Pack, you can expect named resources assigned to the project. The key benefits are quicker installation, configuration, and optimization of our software in your environment. Additionally, our structured approach objectively quantifies results.

Deliverable Focused


Ready to Implement Gluent Data Platform?

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