Gluent 4.1 Release Adds Snowflake and Cloudera Public Cloud Support

With its 4.1 release, Gluent certifies support for Snowflake as its latest cloud platform technology. With continuing focus on cloud native technology, additional functionality has been provided for existing supported platforms including Cloudera Data Platform and Google BigQuery. With BigQuery, highlights include new partitioning and clustering capabilities together with a range of general product improvements. For Cloudera, Gluent 4.1 provides full support for both CDP Public Cloud and CDP Private Cloud. Finally, an improved user experience can be found across the entire Gluent software suite in the form of several general product enhancements.

Support for Snowflake

With Gluent Data Platform 4.1, customers can now migrate Oracle databases to Snowflake easily without having to write ETL flows or rewrite any existing applications. The process is made even simpler by the fact that as a cloud-native serverless data warehouse solution, Snowflake is simple to adopt with little provisioning overhead and minimal time to adoption. What does this mean for you? Offloading data from Oracle to Snowflake with Gluent Offload Engine will allow you to benefit from Snowflake’s scalability and performance for Oracle queries using Gluent Query Engine.

Support for Cloudera Data Platform

Gluent Data Platform 3.4 included support for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Data Center. Gluent’s latest release now includes support for both CDP PublicCloud and CDP Private Cloud (formerly known as CDP Data Center). Additional improvements were made, such as providing the option to decouple Gluent Offload Engine and Gluent Query Engine to use the CDP Experience that best suits each requirement. For example, using serverless CDP Warehouses for Transparent Query and CDP Data Hub for Orchestration. With the expanding range of Cloudera product versions supported by Gluent Data Platform, customers’ vendor choices are less of a barrier to adopting and benefiting from Gluent’s data virtualization technology.

General Product Enhancements

With every release, Gluent continues to add a number of product improvements to Gluent Data Platform for increased functionality, flexibility, security and performance. With the 4.1 release, Gluent has made a number of enhancements for Google BigQuery.

  • Gluent now supports the latest native partitioning features of BigQuery and its clustering improvements.
  • Synthetic partitioning support has also been added for BigQuery NUMERIC data and there is now greater flexibility for mixed BigQuery dataset locations.
  • Hybrid Query Report now includes information on cloud credit consumption by hybrid queries (such as BigQuery Slots or Snowflake Credits) in addition to new elapsed time reporting.
  • Finally, Data Daemon will support password encryption while the Data Daemon Web Interface (introduced in Gluent Data Platform 4.0) has improved visuals and can now be optionally configured for authentication.

About Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Data Platform keeps enterprise RDBMS relevant in the new hybrid world and provides a data virtualization layer between traditional databases, cloud storage and modern analytics platforms that accelerate time to insight and eliminates data duplication and sprawl. Gluent allows customers to preserve their investments in their RDBMS platforms while leveraging the power, scalability, and elasticity of private and public clouds. 

Enabling true data virtualization has been a cornerstone of Gluent software from the beginning. Our product allows companies the opportunity to reduce their overall investment while expanding the ability of the existing applications. If you are interested in learning more about how Gluent Data Platform can help virtualize your enterprise data, contact us at

An opportunity to work with your team on a pilot based upon your data components will solidify what the Gluent product line can do for your existing infrastructure.

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