Gluent Data Platform 2.11.0 Data Discovery and Lineage

Announcing the latest release of Gluent Data Platform with additional insights into virtualized relational database tables. We have integrated our Offload and Present functionality with Cloudera Navigator. This integration automates the registration and population of relational database metadata into the Navigator repository. This new feature of GDP 2.11.0 allows for data discovery and lineage of Gluent offloaded or presented objects. Examples of Gluent registered metadata include:

  • View of all database tables offloaded via Gluent
  • View of all tables presented from Hadoop to relational databases
  • Origin database version: e.g., Oracle
  • Custom metadata tags: e.g., application name, business unit
  • Last offloaded/updated operation for incrementally synced tables
  • Original database schema and table name
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This extended functionality provides visibility into the source of data prior to it entering the data lake. Gluent now extends information beyond the boundaries of Cloudera Navigator, further highlighting Gluent’s ongoing role as a key actor in customer data management strategies.

If you have any questions about Gluent’s integration with Cloudera Navigator or the Gluent Data Platform, drop us a note at and we’ll be happy to help.