Gluent Data Platform 4.0 Makes Moving to BigQuery Easier

Gluent has recently released Gluent Data Platform 4.0 for general availability. The central feature of this release is support for Google BigQuery. Customers now have a faster, less risky approach for migrating large Oracle database workloads to Google BigQuery by eliminating the need to rewrite their applications.

Support for Google BigQuery

Gluent Data Platform 4.0 introduces support for Google BigQuery. Gluent Data Platform’s capabilities make it easy to move data and processing from large Oracle databases to Google BigQuery by:

  • Eliminating the need to rewrite or rearchitect applications
  • Automating data mapping between an Oracle Database instance and BigQuery
  • Automating table and object creation in BigQuery
  • Automating data movement between an Oracle Database instance and BigQuery
Move Your Data from Oracle to BigQuery with Gluent Data Platform

Customers can quickly take advantage of Google BigQuery’s scalability and performance. With data residing in BigQuery, customers can begin leveraging Google’s analytical capabilities. By removing the upfront cost to rewrite applications, ROI can be realized in weeks instead of months or years.

Gluent is proud to be a GCP Partner!

Now Available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace

Gluent Data Platform 4.0 is available on GCP Marketplace. Existing customers can leverage a bring-your-own-license model. New customers can quickly get started with a usage-based model

General Product Improvements

As with previous releases, Gluent Data Platform 4.0 delivers general improvements across the product set. A few highlights include:

  • Multiple configuration templates to best match offload environment
  • Offload Status Report includes reclaimable space for all partition-offload schemes
  • Gluent Augmented SQL Monitoring Report enhances reporting of Join Filter Pulldown (JFPD)
  • Additional datatype validation

About Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Data Platform keeps enterprise RDBMS relevant in the new hybrid world and provides a data virtualization layer between traditional databases, cloud storage and modern analytics platforms that accelerate time to insight and eliminates data duplication and sprawl. Gluent allows customers to preserve their investments in their RDBMS platforms while leveraging the power, scalability, and elasticity of private and public clouds. 

Enabling true data virtualization has been a cornerstone of Gluent software from the beginning. Our product allows companies the opportunity to reduce their overall investment while expanding the ability of the existing applications. If you are interested in learning more about how Gluent Data Platform can help virtualize your enterprise data, contact us at

An opportunity to work with your team on a pilot based upon your data components will solidify what the Gluent product line can do for your existing infrastructure.

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