Gluent Data Platform 4.3 Adds Another Cloud-Native Backend to its Portfolio with Azure Synapse Analytics

Gluent continues to extend its hybrid-cloud capabilities with release 4.3 of Gluent Data Platform (GDP). In this release, Gluent adds to its existing portfolio of cloud native backends with support for Azure Synapse Analytics. Additionally, release 4.3 provides significant enhancements to Gluent Query Engine in the form of a completely rewritten query transformation engine. 

Support for Azure Synapse Analytics

Release 4.3 has a major emphasis on support for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. With GDP 4.3, customers can migrate Oracle databases to Synapse easily without having to write ETL flows or rewrite existing applications. The process is simplified further by the fact that as a cloud-native data warehouse solution, Azure Synapse Analytics is simple to adopt with little provisioning overhead and minimal time to adoption ― made possible only by Gluent’s transparent query technology. Customers can commence their migration or other offload projects with very little lead time, benefitting from Synapse’s scalability and performance for Oracle queries using Gluent Query Engine.

Gluent Advisor Enhancements

Several of GDP’s core features and software components have been improved with the 4.3 release, including Gluent Advisor. In this release, Gluent Advisor provides an accurate assessment of the workload of the customer database, which allows us to predict the effectiveness and costing associated with running this workload in the cloud. Gluent Advisor also provides a more accurate representation of the capabilities of each of the backend platforms that GDP supports, ensuring that every table that has the potential to be offloaded is considered.

General Product Enhancements

With every release, Gluent adds several product improvements to GDP for increased functionality, flexibility, security and performance. In addition to those described above, the 4.3 release of Gluent Data Platform includes many more enhancements such as:

  • A rewrite of Gluent Transformation Rules (GTR), the Gluent Query Engine component that transforms Oracle queries to enable the pushing of query processing and optimizations to the backend platform; The new GTR is lighter, faster, and allows more predicates and query constructs to be pushed down
  • New performance improvement to the offload of partitioned index-organized tables (IOTs)
  • Enhancements to our final data verification phase, which significantly improves performance
  • Support for re-defining Google Big-Query clustering columns after the initial table offload
  • Support for the Gluent Offload Engine’s Incremental Update feature for BigQuery, enabling customers to keep their offloaded data fully synchronized with post-offload updates made in Oracle

About Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Data Platform is the fastest, least-risky way to get your data and processing to the cloud. Period.

We intentionally designed Gluent Data Platform to ensure customers can quickly migrate to the cloud (or between clouds) with no risk. Our unique approach to cloud migrations involves virtualizing the data model so that we are able to maximize the benefits of each component in the technology stack. All of this is done with no ETL or data pipeline creation required. No code needs to be changed, and the best part is…all of this can be accomplished in days or weeks rather than months or years.

Ready to quickly move from Oracle to the cloud without the risk or rewrites? Run our free cloud migration assessment tool to jumpstart the process or set up a strategy call with one of our reps.

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