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Announcing Gluent Offload Engine as a Standalone Product

 DALLAS, TEXAS – Gluent Inc. is thrilled to announce that it will begin to offer a major component of its Gluent Data Platform, the Gluent Offload Engine (GOE), as a standalone product. Gluent Offload Engine is key software that synchronizes tables from enterprise relational databases to modern data storage platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud. The offloaded data is stored in open data formats, which means you now own your data, with no need for a proprietary database engine for data access. Gluent Offload Engine will sync the data to a modern, distributed system, store it in a compressed, columnar format, and create the metadata for the table structure and partitions. Once offloaded, data instantly becomes available in open data formats, can be accessed by native tools for data scientists and others, and is easily shared throughout the enterprise.

The RDBMS source data offload can be performed with either an on-premises or cloud-based data store as a target. Gluent Offload Engine works with all major cloud vendors, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. The GOE software is required only on the relational database server, allowing the choice of target location after the installation.

Need to rapidly fill your data lake with all enterprise data? Ready to archive RDBMS tables to a more scalable, highly available (and less expensive) data store? Data will remain accessible via the table structures that are created automatically by Gluent Offload Engine. The flexibility of the software in the Hadoop ecosystem means that you can future-proof your data with no vendor lock-in. Drain your legacy relational database silos and keep them in-sync!

Gluent’s orchestration provides end-to-end automation, validation, and optimization for RDBMS table offloading, using a simple command that can be scheduled. No ETL required! Gluent Offload Engine will truly synchronize your data, using change data capture (CDC) on the source and incremental update on the target tables, ensuring the latest transactions are captured and synced. And, as always, your data will remain secure with Gluent Offload Engine. Encrypted data at rest and data in motion, and role based access control are all fully supported with GOE.

For more information, have a look at our demo videos to see how simple it is to run Gluent Offload Engine and check out the FAQs to gain more insight into GOE capabilities. Want to see more? Ask for a demo!

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Gluent Data Platform enables all applications to access all enterprise data, at any time, on demand, and without any code migration or rewrites.

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