Gluent Recognized in “Emerging Vendors 2018: Top Big Data Companies You Need To Know” on CRN

DALLAS, TEXAS – On July 23, 2018, Gluent Inc. was recognized in CRN’s “Emerging Vendors 2018: Top Big Data Companies You Need To Know”.

CRN’s Rick Whiting describes “The new generation of big data leaders” as startup companies, founded in 2012 or later, that tackle big data challenges. Whiting states, “Growing volume, faster velocity and greater variety: The three characteristics that define big data today. Businesses are struggling to collect, prepare, manage and analyze all this data — and many of the technologies they used in the past just can’t cut it today.” Gluent Inc. is amongst the 15 vendors that “help analysts, data scientists and everyday information workers gain access to data and derive insights that can provide a competitive edge.”

Gluent develops transparent data virtualization software to ensure all enterprise data is just a query away. As the CRN article states, “Gluent promises to end the problem of accessing and analyzing data in disparate silos with its Gluent Data Platform, whose transparent data virtualization capabilities provide virtual access to enterprise data — wherever it resides — without ETL processes or code changes.”

The article can be accessed at Emerging Vendors 2018: Top Big Data Companies You Need To Know. Gluent can be found listed on page 10.

About Gluent

Gluent Data Platform is transparent data virtualization technology that enables all applications to access all enterprise data, at any time, on demand, and without any code migration or rewrites.