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Gluent Advisor for Oracle was created to help customers understand their databases, the data within them, and identify the best candidate data for offload to Big Data platforms. The process is broken down into two pieces – Advisor Data Extractor and Advisor Report Generator.

Gluent’s Advisor Data Extractor for Oracle is a set of clear-text SQL scripts that extract information about the database’s storage and workload from ASH, AWR and system level metadata. That data is then securely sent to Gluent where it will be ingested and analyzed by the Advisor Report Generator. The reports will then be shared and discussed with you.

To run Advisor Data Extractor,  it is simply a case of decompressing the files and running the advisor_extract.sql with an appropriately privileged account. You will find a list of instructions and views that are accessed (read-only) in the README.txt. The process generates a zip file which can be emailed to poc@gluent.com or uploaded at https://gluent.com/upload/.

To download Gluent’s Advisor Data Extractor, please fill out the form below,  letting us know who you are and how to contact you. Once the form is filled out, the download will start.

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