Quickly Move Data to the Cloud

Cloud Migration

Migrate to the Cloud with Gluent

Forget ETL streams and shipping hard drives to the cloud datacenter, Gluent Data Platform is the fastest way to automatically move your data to the cloud without requiring any programming or any outage. With support for all of the major cloud vendors, Gluent can sync your relational data to cloud storage systems and keep it in-sync with our incremental update process.

Whether filling a data lake in the cloud or migrating your application, Gluent Data Platform will accelerate your cloud implementation in weeks instead of months or years.

Gluent Data Platform allows you to create a hybrid database environment in the cloud. Through our patented Transparent Query capability, you can continue to use your database applications without any code rewrites. Additionally, your cloud database implementation will perform as well as, or better than, it did on-prem by powering your most complex queries through the distributed computation of cloud native systems.​

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