Introducing Conductor for Gluent

Customers have been asking us about a UI for Gluent Data Platform and we are happy to announce Conductor for Gluent.

Conductor for Gluent makes managing offloads with Gluent Data Platform easier. The orchestration of tasks such as offload execution, monitoring and partition dropping can be done through a single UI.

Conductor provides global-, database- and job-level parameters for job execution, notifications and partition removal. This drives consistency in the operation of Gluent software across the environment.

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Setting Up

Conductor for Gluent integrates Gluent Advisor findings with existing database information to make offloading candidate tables simple and stress-free. Once defined, jobs can be scheduled to execute offload commands and drop offloaded partitions if desired.


Conductor for Gluent’s job status dashboard makes it simple to view failed, completed and executing jobs. Failed jobs can be re-run as required.

Conductor provides a simple way to create and manage jobs via a wizard. Managing existing jobs (removing, changing, deactivating, etc.) is driven solely through the UI.


One of the primary use cases for Gluent Data Platform is offloading data to a cheaper, more modern data platform. Conductor for Gluent captures how much space is offloaded and presents it in a simple, visual display. Centralized reporting on space savings makes tracking this KPI easy.

More Information

Conductor for Gluent is currently in beta with limited release.

A recorded overview of Conductor is also available here.

If you are interested in how Gluent Data Platform can help your company or for more information about Conductor for Gluent, please contact us at