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Gluent Starter Pack

Gluent Starter Pack Use Our Database Virtualization Tools and Reap The Benefits as Soon as Possible Gluent Starter Pack To maximize success of big data virtualization, Gluent has created a starter pack, comprising planning and architecture services designed to facilitate

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Gluent End User License Agreement

Gluent Data Platform End User License Agreement This subscription Agreement is between Gluent Inc (“Licensor”) and Customer that has purchased a subscription to the Software through the Cloud Service Provider’s Marketplace. If you, as the customer, are an individual representing

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Run Gluent Advisor

Understand Your Databases Run Gluent Advisor – The Cloud Readiness Assessment Tool Gluent Advisor Gluent Advisor was developed as an internal cloud readiness assessment tool to help understand our customers’ databases and identify the best candidate data to offload. Gluent

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Data Virtualization 2.0: Better, Faster, Cheaper

Two of the most valuable assets in any company are data and people, and there’s a symbiotic relationship between the two. People leverage technology to drive innovation and growth from their data. Larger companies generally have more data than they

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IoT Integration

IoT Integration Enrich Your Data IoT Integration from Gluent Data Platform Internet of Things Integration Enhances Your Data The Present capability of Gluent Data Platform is built for the Internet of Things. Massive volumes of data from the IoT sources are

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