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We’ve Got Answers FAQ Frequently Asked Questions We compiled a list of the most common questions we hear concerning Transparent Data Virtualization, Gluent Data Platform, and its pieces. Review our various FAQ topics to the right to find answers to

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Company Meet the Original Gluinos Kerry Osborne Co-Founder and CEO Kerry Osborne is a serial entrepreneur. He founded ThinkSpark, a services company and served as President and CEO until it was sold in 2005. That company grew to approximately 500

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Contact Us Get in Touch We’d love to meet you via the web We’re always eager to meet new people and share our message. If you have questions about Gluent, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to discuss

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Get connected Resources Gluent Blog We’re blogging about the newest technology trends, software updates, and advice for virtualizing your databases. Check out this page to discover expert advice and articles. Discover More Gluent News Stay in the loop regarding Gluent

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What We Offer Cloud Migration Solutions Our Solutions We know data virtualization can seem like a daunting topic, so we’re here to help. Gluent is here to help companies liberate their data from the confines of traditional RDBMS silos by

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About Us Welcome to the World of Transparent Data Virtualization Meet Gluent Gluent was founded on the principle that your data is just that – your data. It should not be locked into enterprise silos and you shouldn’t have to jump

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Move Your Data from Oracle to the Cloud without Rewriting Any Code Run Advisor Why Gluent? What We Offer – Gluent Data Virtualization Tools & Software Data Transparency Simplify enterprise data sharing with transparent data virtualization. Read More Read More

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Gluent Data Platform 2.11.0 Data Discovery and Lineage

GDP 2.11.0 integrated our Offload and Present functionality with Cloudera Navigator, automating the registration and population of relational database metadata into the Navigator repository. This new feature allows for data discovery and lineage of Gluent offloaded or presented objects.

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Gluent Data Platform Orchestration Q&A

Here’s a question about orchestration and operational monitoring that came up recently: “From an operational support point of view, will there be a [Gluent] module out of the box for us to configure alerts (in case of offload failures), including notifications?”

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