Quickly Adopt Azure Synapse Analytics Without Rewriting Your Applications

Oracle + Azure Synapse Analytics

Rapidly Shift Data & CPU to the Cloud

Get There Faster

Integrating your data between Oracle and Azure Synapse Analytics is seamless with Gluent. No code changes. No ETL.

Minimize Disruption

Transparent Data Virtualization easily integrates Azure Synapse Analytics environment with existing systems.

Accelerate ROI

Reduce on-prem infrastructure costs and de-risk cloud migrations all while enabling advanced analytical capabilities.

Let's Talk ROI

Cost Savings
In millions ($)


Reduce expensive on premise storage

Move processing to cloud to take advantage of variable pricing

Avoid costly ETL creation and application rewrites


7-day call record report took 6 hours to run without Gluent

7-day call record report took 2 minutes to run with Gluent

Query Engine Processing Time
In hours

Your Roadmap to Oracle + Synapse

Integrate in weeks instead of years


De-risk your decision

“Where do I start?” It’s a question we hear from many customers wanting to migrate their data to the cloud and the reason we built Gluent Advisor. Our Advisor tool and cloud migration assessment answers this question by identifying the best candidate data to integrate. Take 5 minutes to run Advisor and de-risk your decision by assessing how well aligned your particular Oracle systems are.


De-risk deployment

What to Expect:

Use Case Definition

Upfront, Gluent will partner with you to document your use case(s), which will be the over-arching guide for the pilot.

Typical use cases include infrastructure savings through data and CPU offload, virtualizing data vs. copying, intelligent data archiving, cloud migration enablement and acceleration, and Modern Data Platform creation and population.


  • Regularly scheduled weekly status meetings
  • Working sessions with remote access or screenshare – very helpful when initially installing Gluent Data Platform

Data Exchange – options to choose from:

  • Leverage secure, dedicated folder on Gluent’s Google drive
  • Leverage other secure file share of choice (i.e. sftp, S3 bucket, etc.)
  • Email

Predefined project plan which will be reviewed and refined.

Key Sections:

  • Complete prerequisite guide
  • Preparatory tasks – streamline initial implementation and outline detailed test cases
  • Benchmarking to get a baseline for environment
  • Offload and Query testing
  • Review

Documenting the queries to execute and tables to offload is critical to success.

Gluent provides several tools to help:

  • Predefined runbook for offloading and testing queries
  • Scripts to capture before and after query performance
  • Scripts to capture the offload statistics

Information will be compiled and presented during final review.

At the end of the pilot, the information captured will be translated into comparative graphs for review.

Key Metrics – detailed and summary

  • Query pushdown effectiveness and performance
  • Data offloaded
  • Initial projections on:
    • Total Cost of Ownership reductions
    • Return on Investment

Pilot Process: Timeline

6-8 weeks

Run Advisor and Complete Pre-Reqs

Define Success Criteria

Project Kickoff Call

Execute Pilot

Final Results Presentation

Production Deployment

Gluent Starter Pack

What's Included?

This starter pack includes everything needed to implement Gluent Data Platform so that you can begin seeing value as quickly as possible.

Installation and configuration of Gluent Data Platform

Planning session and training for application owners and users

Hands-on knowledge transfer

Dedicated resources for up to 200 people hours over a 10-week project

Project management including detailed plan and deliverables

Creation of phased production roll out plan

If intelligent archiving, cloud migration, or Data Platform Modernization is right for you, schedule a strategy session today!