Preparing For a Cloud Migration: The Ultimate Checklist

For many companies, a cloud migration was already on the horizon. However, as business leaders strategize for the new normal, cloud-based data and systems move up the priority list to become must-haves rather than mere wants. Still, despite the need to migrate to the cloud to stay competitive, an overarching question remains for many decision-makers: Where do we even begin with preparing for our cloud migration?

To answer that question, we’ve prepared our newest guide for companies discussing a move to the cloud, Preparing For a Cloud Migration: The Ultimate Checklist. Comprehensive and designed to make your migration organized and efficient, we cover a variety of essential topics, including:

Identifying your needs

Your approach to cloud computing

Assessing your applications

Choosing a provider

Adopting new technologies

The hybrid environment

Preparing your team

Start the migration process

The future is in the cloud. But for companies still using on-prem systems, the migration process can seem complex and overwhelming. At least until now.

As you’ll see, we walk you through every critical stage of the migration process, from your initial conversations and planning, to actually starting your migration. With this checklist, we address both the more obvious points in a migration and, most importantly, critical things that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Best Practices From Our Team of Experts

Along with items to check-off as you proceed in your preparation, we also provide key best practices from our team of specialists. Together with our insights on choosing the right cloud migration strategy for your needs, we’ve created a unique blueprint for you to follow, driven by our decades of hands-on experience in the space.

Prepare for a cloud migration with Gluent

Data Virtualization Clears the Way

Of course, even with a guide as thorough as our checklist, there are bound to be bumps in the migration road. However, as we discuss in our checklist, data virtualization solutions like Gluent’s can play an essential role in making your migration as seamless and efficient as possible with minimal – if any – disruption to your operations.

So download our guide, Preparing For a Cloud Migration: The Ultimate Checklist, and use it as a roadmap throughout your preparation. With 91% of companies now prioritizing cloud strategies as a crucial path forward, the time to start your migration is now. And through our expertise and best-in-class data virtualization solutions, Gluent is here to help you every step of the way.

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