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Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Advisor

Gluent Advisor is a simple to use tool that allows organizations to understand which data is the best candidate for offloading from traditional database platforms. Advisor gives immediate visibility into which data and workloads are easily offloadable into Hadoop. This helps indicate what amount of the storage resources on your RDBMS can be re-claimed and how much performance pressure can be alleviated by offloading the data.

Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Data Platform is the cornerstone of being able to liberate your data and share it across the enterprise.  Its various components allow you to keep your relational database systems relevant and reactive in a growing hybrid world, preserving your investment in traditional technology while leveraging all that Hadoop has to offer.

Gluent Data Platform

Gluent Cloud Sync

Gluent Cloud Sync is the fastest way to migrate your Hadoop tables to the cloud. Cloud Sync will sync your data, and database table metadata, to modern data storage systems in the cloud or on-premises.