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Gluent Cloud Sync

The first step to enterprise cloud adoption is to host your data in the cloud. Move the data – and the applications will follow! Gluent Cloud Sync is the fastest way to migrate your Hadoop tables to the cloud. Cloud Sync will sync your data, and database table metadata, to modern data storage systems in the cloud or on-premises. 

  • Backup and restore Hive or Impala tables – ensuring your enterprise’s most valuable asset is safe and secure
  • Continuous backup keeps the target data in-sync with the source
  • Create a clone of your tables in another HDFS environment
  • Virtualized data storage means your data is decoupled from the computation engine, allowing for simple data sharing without unnecessary data movement
  • Spin up large workloads on the backup data in the cloud, reducing the load on your production systems and lowering overall cost of ownership of your data and analytics platform

Storing data in cloud storage systems, such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Data Lake Store, increases the accessibility of that data. Access the tables via a cloud-based Hadoop cluster or perform analytics using cloud interactive query services. Backup, restore, and liberate your enterprise data with Gluent Cloud Sync.

Have a look at the video to see Cloud Sync, and Gluent Offload from Netezza, in action!

Backup and Restore, Archive, and Cloning

Cloud SyncData is the heartbeat of an enterprise, driving decisions and forecasting to better serve its customers. Ensure your data is safe and secure with the backup and restore features of Gluent Cloud Sync.

Backup Hive or Impala database tables to modern storage systems in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Use cloud based tools for analysis / data integration
  • No downtime required to begin sync or keep data in sync

Restore your tables back to their original state. All table DDL and partition information is backed up and can be restored to any other Hadoop implementation, on-premises or in the cloud.

Need to securely store your data? Use the backup feature of Cloud Sync to continuously archive your data into long-term storage solutions.

Create an exact copy of your database tables in another environment with the clone functionality in Gluent Cloud Sync. Clone the table structures and data, all with a simple command.


No cloud vendor lock-in

No cloud vendor lock-in! Keep your data in multiple cloud vendor storage systems. Is your organization ready to exit a vendor? With Gluent Cloud Sync there’s no need to copy data “away” from their cloud storage to your new provider, it’s already there! Redundant storage of data in multiple environments is much less expensive than the fees incurred to transfer petabytes of data out of the cloud.

Cloud Data Virtualization

Realize the cost savings of cloud storage. With Cloud Sync, storage can be virtualized for any table, enabling the hybrid cloud at scale.

  • Store table data in both the cloud object store, such as Amazon S3, and HDFS and combine them in a single table
  • Reduce the size of your Hadoop cluster
  • Decouple data storage from the computation engine
  • Enable data sharing. Launch Hadoop from anywhere and connect to the cloud data

Disaster Recovery

Gluent Cloud Sync is a core component of any organization’s disaster recovery plan. The backup process will ensure that your data is safe and secure in the cloud or an offsite data center – or both. The data formats remain the same, and along with the database and table metadata, your business and reporting analytics applications will be easily accessible should a DR switchover or failover scenario occur.

A major benefit to cloud data backup is that the data storage is decoupled from the computation engine. When a DR situation arises, user applications can be pointed directly to the data archive or an entirely new cluster can be spun up. Either way, your standby data is easily accessible!

Cloud Sync Data Access

Lightweight Installation

Cloud Sync is a simple installation on Hadoop. No additional servers or intrusive software required.


Encryption of data at rest and data in motion fully supported to ensure your organization’s information is always secure.

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