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Gluent Data Platform - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Gluent Data Platform

We’ve compiled a list of of the most common questions we receive concerning Gluent Data Platform. Please reach out to us at with any unanswered questions.

Gluent Data Platform is a transparent data virtualization solution that migrates data and processing from Oracle to modern data platforms, without needing to change any code. This transparent data virtualization also provides the ability for applications to query the offloaded data and join it with local RDBMS data, from a single query in the RDBMS’s existing SQL interface.

There are three products or core components that come with Gluent Data Platform:

  1. Gluent Advisor – Gluent Advisor is a free tool that analyzes your RDBMS to determine how much data can be offloaded and safely dropped. This open-text SQL script does not require any software installation.
  2. Gluent Offload Engine – Gluent Data Platform’s fully-automated, rule-based technology that orchestrates all of the processes required to offload data from your RDBMS to a target data platform and to present virtualized data from a modern data platform to your RDBMS.
  3. Gluent Query Engine – Gluent Data Platform’s transparent query engine includes Smart Connector, which enables virtualized data (offloaded or presented with Gluent Offload Engine) to be accessed with local RDBMS data from a single query in the RDBMS’s existing SQL interface.

Gluent Data Platform also has a companion product, Conductor for Gluent. Conductor for Gluent is the UI for Gluent Data Platform that streamlines and provides monitoring for offload operations.

Gluent Data Platform supports servers running 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux or CentOS, and a variety of systems including:

  • Current supported RDBMS – Oracle Database
  • Current supported backends – Cloudera Data Hub, Cloudera Data Platform, Google BigQuery and Amazon EMR.
  • Current supported storage solutions – HDFS, Azure ADLS and ABFS, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

This range of support means that data and processing can be offloaded from the Oracle RDBMS to any of the above target platforms without changing your applications that connect to the RDBMS.

Yes, Gluent Data Platform can offload data from a single RDBMS to one or more target platforms and query virtualized data from one or more backend platforms within a single RDBMS. Only one RDBMS and backend pair can be active at a time.

No, Gluent Data Platform is not a federated solution. In simple terms, a federated solution provides a SQL engine that can connect to various backend databases to facilitate access to virtually pull data together. There are a couple of downsides to the federated approach. First, applications and users must rewrite their SQL for the new SQL engine. Second, joining multiple large datasets from different databases can present a performance challenge that is very difficult to overcome.

Gluent Data Platform, on the other hand, is a transparent data virtualization solution. While the problem definition that Gluent addresses is very similar to federated offerings (trying to eliminate or bridge the silos), the approach to solving the problem is very different.

Unlike other data virtualization products, Gluent Data Platform also migrates data from your RDBMS to your target platform without changing code or building any ETL code or data pipelines. This migration is designed to be a background process and transparent to systems that access the data.

Conductor for Gluent is a companion product for Gluent Data Platform. Conductor for Gluent is a UI that makes managing offloads easier by orchestrating tasks such as offload execution, monitoring and partition dropping.

Gluent Advisor is a free tool that gathers data from your RDBMS via a simple open-text SQL script and can be run without installing any software. Nothing proprietary is gathered, only information about the RDBMS’s storage and workload. Gluent Advisor will then analyze the information to determine how much data can be offloaded and safely dropped from the RDBMS. Everything is visualized in a shareable Gluent Advisor report. This report summarizes the benefits of using Gluent Data Platform and provides specific details about each table and partition.

You can run Gluent Advisor here.

The best way to get started is by running Gluent Advisor. Gluent Advisor reports the expected benefits of implementing Gluent Data Platform before installing any software. This information enables Gluent to have conversations with you about your needs, your databases, and the benefits you should expect.

You can find out more about Gluent Advisor here.

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