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What is Transparent Data Virtualization?

Data virtualization is a popular topic in today’s world of enterprise data management and is the primary function of Gluent Data Platform.

Learn about transparent data virtualization concepts and terminology. The architectural differences between data federation and transparent data virtualization are highlighted, and the approach to data access for each are discussed within this white paper.

Gluent Data Platform Overview

Gluent Data Platform is allowing organizations around the world to accelerate their adoption of an open source data platform as part of a hybrid data architecture.

Learn about the functionality that makes it possible to integrate modern data platforms, as a storage and processing component, without the need to modify application code.

Gluent Advisor

Gluent Advisor is a simple-to-use tool that allows organizations to get immediate visibility into how much data is a good candidate to be offloaded to the cloud.

Run our Gluent Advisor software and download the white paper to learn more about how Gluent Advisor can help you better understand your databases.

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