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Run Gluent Advisor - The Cloud Readiness Assessment Tool

Gluent Advisor

Gluent Advisor was developed as an internal cloud readiness assessment tool to help understand our customers’ databases and identify the best candidate data to offload.

Gluent Advisor takes an extract of database metadata and metrics as its input and produces a Gluent Advisor Report as its output. The extract is performed by Gluent Advisor Data Extractor, which can be downloaded using the link below.

Once Gluent Advisor Data Extractor is downloaded and unpacked, a README.txt file provides all of the details on how to use it. Gluent Advisor Data Extractor is run on each of the candidate database(s) to be analyzed. The generated output is sent back to a Gluent account executive to create the Gluent Advisor Report for review.

Gluent Advisor Data Extractor

Gluent Advisor Data Extractor runs a collection of clear-text SQL scripts to extract metrics and metadata from the database. Having the extractor in clear-text enables DBAs to review the SQL scripts prior to execution, if desired. Gluent Advisor Data Extractor produces a zip file containing the extracts that we process to produce the Gluent Advisor report.

Running Gluent Advisor Data Extractor is simply a case of executing a single top-level SQL script with an appropriately privileged account. The instructions are provided in the included README.txt file, together with information on optional configuration settings, a list of accessed (read-only) views and the required database privileges and licenses.

Further Information

For more information on Gluent Advisor, the cloud readiness assessment tool used by Oracle database experts, visit our Overview of Gluent Advisor page now.

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