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Gluent Advisor Extract

Gluent Advisor was developed as an internal tool to help understand our customers’ databases and identify the best candidate data for offload.

You will find a link below to download our Gluent Advisor Extract along with detailed instructions.

Clicking the link will allow you to download the file. Once you unpack the file there is a README.txt file that will provide all the details you need on how to use it. You will run this on the database(s) you would like to test. The output that is generated can then be sent back to your Gluent account executive to create the Advisor Report for your review.

Gluent Advisor Extract

The Advisor Extract is a utility that runs clear-text SQL to pull metrics from the database. So the actual SQL can be reviewed prior to execution. It produces a zip file with the raw data which we process to produce reports. To run the Advisor Extract it is simply a case of running the advisor_extract.sql with an appropriately privileged account. You will find a list of instructions and views that are accessed (read-only) in the README.txt. Required privileges and objects accessed are documented in the README.txt file.

For more information, visit our page on Gluent Advisor below.

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