Gluent is here to help companies liberate their data from the confines of traditional RDBMS silos by making the best possible use of Big Data solutions. We know that stepping into the hybrid world can seem like a daunting task, so we’re here to help. We support all the major Hadoop vendors so no matter what your preferred distribution, we can move you quickly toward your hybrid goal.

Offload Assessment

Offload Analysis

Although Gluent Advisor gives you the information you need to know what data can be offloaded, knowing where to start is often a little less clear.  Let us help you gain full understanding of your data and the best way to implement Gluent for the largest impact.

Implementation Assistance

Implementation Assistance

Gluent software is designed to be as straight-forward and flexible as possible. But we understand that there is a learning curve for any new software. We can not only help you analyze what to offload, but can also help install and implement the software accelerating the benefit of Gluent in your environment.


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