Tanel Poder, a long-time Oracle Database consultant and expert, partnered with Paul Bridger in December 2014 to start Gluent, a Dallas-based enterprise technology company focused on bridging the “Old World” of relational database with what he calls the “New World” of big data. The company has just come out of the beta-testing and software development phase and is now live, with more than 20 employees across the US and in the UK.

For years, Poder has helped Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) build their expertise through educational training, consulting, and multiple textbooks he has written on the subject. However, as big data became prevalent, Poder turned his focus toward the hybridization of traditional relational databases and big data concepts. Data volumes, velocity and volume requirements have continued to skyrocket, which means more and more companies have a need for higher-performance and lower-cost ways of storing and processing workloads.

Gluent — named as a shortening of “Glue for the Enterprise” — takes on this challenge with software that allows clients to easily offload data away from their relational databases into big data environments without any changes to their existing applications. Offloading—which Gluent refers to as “liberating data”—is one of many capabilities of the Gluent software that gives traditional Oracle DBAs and developers the ability to leverage their existing skill sets and stay relevant as Big data becomes the enterprise standard for data storage and processing.

“I am an IT-enthusiast, fascinated by the opportunities of using technology to improve our productivity and lives,” Poder states on his blog.

Poder’s inspirational forward thinking is contagious among the Gluent team members, who refer to themselves as gluinos. This is a reference to the hypothetical supersymmetric  particles produced in particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider. These particles are suspected to be the glue for the entire universe, which shows you how seriously the Gluent team takes their vision to bring together two worlds of technology.