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By utilizing Gluent’s Offload and Orchestration features you can rapidly drain your legacy relational database silos and keep them in sync. Gluent’s simple yet sophisticated Offload and Orchestration engine allows for a single command NO ETL data sync. While draining of the legacy silos, Gluent converts the data into open data formats, like Parquet, and has the ability to compress and partition the data as it lands in its new home, Hadoop. We call this “Liberating your data” because you no longer have to pay a ransom to use your data.

Key Benefits include:

  • Simplify the data wrangling process for Data Scientists
  • Minimize source database impact
  • No longer have siloed data. One single location to access source application data.

Gluent’s Present and Access (transparent query) features allows you to leverage Hadoop as a data sharing/data fabric platform. These features provide the capability to have a single copy of the data living in Hadoop and shared across your legacy applications, reducing ETL, and making it available for any modern toolsets to access it directly in Hadoop.

Key Benefits include:

  • Access any enterprise data from any application
  • Reduce storage costs & IO by not copying data between relational databases
  • Less data movement, less chance for data quality issues or processing errors

Gluent’s presentation capabilities and transparent connector provide the ability to enrich your applications with analytics. Customer 360 data that is captured and enriched in the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub can be virtually shared with the EDW to enhance reporting datasets. Gluent can also sync data from the EDW to the EDH for further enrichment or sharing across various channels. Additionally, IOT Datasets or Machine Learning outputs too large to store, or process, in a relational database environment can easily be accessed from within the RDBMS via Gluent Present.

Key Benefits include:

  • NO data movement, query the data where it lives
  • Enhance application and reporting datasets with Hadoop-first data
  • Use the right tool for the right job (Analytic Enhancements in Hadoop, Transactions in Database)

The Gluent Data Platform allows you to offload your data from legacy data warehouses into a Cloudera Big Data environment. The key is that we do it transparently without any code changes. The process begins by running the Gluent Advisor against your relational database to discover the best scenario and recommendation for offloading. After the Gluent Advisor discovery process, the orchestration of syncing the data away from the data warehouse begins via Gluent’s no ETL Offload process. Once the data lands in your Cloudera Cluster it can then be queried by the DW of origin as if it had never left. Additionally, when data is offloaded it is converted into open data formats, giving you the ability to perform analytics directly against the offloaded data living in Cloudera.

Key Benefits include:

  • Reduced Data Warehouse Storage SAN
  • Reduction in Required Database CPU
  • Improved performance by pushing the heavy lifting to Cloudera
  • Ability to Run Queries not possible before
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Ability to perform new analytics directly in Hadoop
  • NO code change

Traditional Relational Data Warehouse

Gluent EDW Offload